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phone: +38 (048) 784-08-98
Address: Odessa, str. Assumption 95
E-mail: info@london-hotel.com.ua
The hotel is in the historic heart of the city in a park area, restaurant, bar, conference room. ****
phone: +38 (048)705-74-74
Address: per.Vanny, 3
E-mail: villa@lepremier.com.ua
Boutique hotel, 15 rooms, a restaurant, a summer terrace and an outdoor pool.
phone: +38 (048) 725 61 61
Address: Odesa, pr. aleksandrovskiy, 12
E-mail: reception@alexandrovskiy.com.ua
Comfortable hotel in the historic center, a conference hall, meeting room, restaurant, wi-fi. ****
phone: +38 (0482) 30-71-00
Address: Odessa, str. Posmitnogo 1
E-mail: reception@arcadia-plaza.od.ua
The hotel is 300 meters from Arcadia Beach, swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness club, children's playground, restaurant, sauna, beauty salon. *****
phone: +38 (048) 774-44-44
Address: Odessa, str. Genoa, 24a
E-mail: welcome@atlantic-hotel.com.ua
Premium Hotel in Arcadia. Comfortable rooms, conference hall transformer, a restaurant, a nightclub, a health club, beauty salon, parking, wi-fi ****
phone: +38 (048) 710-10-10
Address: курорт Каролино-Бугаз
E-mail: bugaz@bs-hotel.com.ua
Отель на берегу моря, собственный пляж, ресторан, бассейн, паркинг. ****
phone: +38 (048) 737-63-33
Address: Odessa, st. Evreyskaya, 27
E-mail: office@hotelcaliforniaodessa.com
New business hotel in the historic heart of the Odessa city. Restaurant, conference room, business center, car parking.
phone: +38 (048) 726 8406
Address: Коблево, пр. Курортный 6
E-mail: link.marketing.ribas@gmail.com
Находится в Коблево, в 38 км от Одессы. К услугам гостей 2 открытых бассейна, ресторан, бар, бесплатный Wi-Fi и парковка.
phone: +38 (048) 737 55 53
Address: Odessa, lane. Nekrasov, 7
E-mail: office@koklenhotel.com
The monument of architecture in the historical center, comfortable rooms, a café, meeting room, parking, wi-fi. ****
phone: +38 (048) 757 90 90
Address: Odessa, "Sauvignon", trans. Yuzhnosanatorny 5
E-mail: medical@grand-marine.com.ua
Spa hotel by the sea, comfortable rooms, 4 swimming pools, a fitness room, a winter garden, a sauna complex, a beach, a restaurant and 3 bars. ****
phone: +38 (048) 705 99 00
Address: Frantsuzky boulevard, 66/3, Odessa,
E-mail: Pavel-O@email.ua
Resort Kadorr spa hotel with free Wi-Fi and free parking is located in Odessa, 200 meters from the Black Sea coast
phone: + 38 (048) 796-55-44
Address: Str. Pushkinskaya, 15
E-mail: bristol@bristol-hotel.com.ua
Five-star hotel in the historic center, a monument of architecture. Restaurants, conference facilities, spa and fitness facilities.
phone: +38 (048) 705 8777
Address: Odessa, blvd. Seaside 11
E-mail: hotel@londred.com
One of the oldest hotels in Odessa on the Primorsky Boulevard, a monument of architecture, restaurant, conferences hall. ****
phone: +38 (048) 710-07-50
Address: Krasnaya Zor, 2a
E-mail: hotel@maristella.com.ua
New Hotel in Odessa on the beach, with its beach resorts, restaurants, gorgeous views of the sea from all rooms.
phone: +38 (048) 710-07-50
Address: Odessa, 10 Art. B. Fontana, trans. Vanny, 3
E-mail: luxury@maristella-club.com
The hotel is right on the seafront on the 10 st. B. Fontana, restaurant, spa, fitness club, swimming pool, beach, parking lot. ****
phone: +38 048 750 50 50
Address: Odessa, str. Lanzheronovskaya 13/1
E-mail: reservation@mozart-hotel.com
The hotel is in the historic center across from the opera house, a restaurant, cafe, conference іservice, spa ****
phone: +38 (048) 720-70-80
Address: Odessa beach Langeron 25
E-mail: administration-otel@rambler.ru
The only hotel in Europe with dolphins. Located 5 minutes. drive from the historic center of Odessa, in the first line from the sea. ****
phone: +38 (048) 230 19 00
Address: Odessa, ln. Crystal, 1
E-mail: delmar@pdm.com.ua
Would John Arcadia, 300 Mathers Frome Arcadia Beach, park, restaurant, conference Hull svitting pool, tennis Kurtz. *****
phone: +380487057055
Address: пер. Мукачевский 6/8
E-mail: reception@panoramadeluxe.com
В отеле 32 номера пяти уровней комфортабельности.
phone: +38 (0482) 33-06-98
Address: Odessa, str. uytnaya, 11
The hotel is 500 meters from the sea, restaurant, recreation areas, a nightclub, a restaurant, pool, beach. *****
Отель Лермонтовский Rating: 0.0
phone: +380504902288
Address: Украина, г. Одесса, Лермонтовский пер., 2.
E-mail: skopelilinks@rambler.ru
трехзвездочная частная гостиница в центре города Одесса расположена в непосредственной близости от моря

In recent years, Odessa pleasing appearance of a large number of hotels, but hotels in Odessa Premium segment is very small. Over the past few years, there was only one big hotel, 5-star - Hotel Bristol, a former Red Hotel.

Renovated architectural monument transformed into a top-class hotel with a great infrastructure, including a fitness center, several restaurants, meeting rooms and other attributes respectively status. Of course, the location in the historic heart of the city is also an added bonus and incentive for guests to Bristol.

In addition to his high-end hotels in Odessa include several hotels in the central historical part of the city-hotel at seaport Odessa, Mozart (next to the Opera House), London (on Alexander Avenue), Alexander (on Alexander Avenue, a new hotel opened in 2011) Frederick Coquelin - (. in the lane Nekrasov, a new hotel opening in 2011), the London hotel on the Promenade.

Several hotels are located in Premium Sea - Arcadia Plaza and the Palace del Mar in Arcadia by the sea, in the Joy joy, Maristella Club 10 Art. Fontana and Grand Marin Sauvignon. The beauty of this hotel is a vast territory, proximity to the sea, located in the resort, a quiet part of Odessa. For example, the hotel Maristella distance from the sea only 100 meters.

In general, the overall level of Odessa hotels in recent years has increased significantly, the quality of service is constantly being improved, and given that the hotel business in Odessa does not develop professional networks and private investors must be said that progress is being made. With the development of the business and tourist attraction of Odessa, especially for foreign tourists, developing an offer rooms in the premium segment, many business hotel ready to provide the quality of service and rooms at top class hotels.

Surprisingly for Odessa is a complete absence of hotel chains of the world's largest hotel operators such as Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday In, Ritz-Carlton, Radisson, and others. I'd like to believe that the business and tourism potential of the sea Pearls of Odessa in the years to attract the world's largest network for discovery of large premium hotels in Odessa.

In Odessa, there are several hotels that can meet the requirements of the most discerning guests, welcome to rest in Odessa!!