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"Mozart" - the only hotel in Odessa recreated in exact copies of the same at the beginning of the 19th century. Hotel Located not far from the so-called "old Odessa" - the historic city center.


     Odessa Hotel "Mozart" will amaze you with luxury and perfection of its architectural style Empire. It gives comfort and a friendly atmosphere. "MOZART" Hotel will surprise you with a unique view of the famous Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre, and no less remarkable views of the gorgeous fountains theater square. The most beautiful streets, avenues, squares, boutiques of the most famous brands, museums and unique "Odessa Courtyard" all that is in close proximity to the hotel.


     Hotels in Odessa always valued their customers and try to offer them the best. Get all the best and feel the hospitality, which gives the hotel in Odessa "Mozart". Four-storey building, "Mozart" hotel is equipped with elevator, autonomous energy, water and heat supply, and also has its own radio unit.


     Restaurant complex Hotel "Mozart" is located on two floors. On the ground floor there is a bar, "the VIP" room, furnished with antique wood furniture of the 19th century and the "Greek" hall. The second - "White" room and an outdoor terrace with a view of the Theatre Square. At Theater Square Marketplace is a summer restaurant. The interior design is amazing delicacies, graceful, weightless like the royal furniture fascinate and enchant visitors.

    From the meal in a restaurant you do not just satisfy your hunger and get a truly royal pleasure. Kudos to the kitchen of the hotel "Mozart" is based on three pillars: quality of food, service and refined atmosphere. This is a continuation of the first aristocratic traditions of Odessa Club, the site of which is now open, "Mozart". Among the aristocrats of a bygone era, visiting the club, according to historians, was Alexander Pushkin. The old wine cellars still serve as a repository of wines submitted visitors. European cuisine. The menu of the restaurant a lot of seafood.


    Conference hall. The interior of the conference hall of the hotel "Mozart" in the style of ancient Greece. Hall anticipates the spacious hall with columns. "Greek Hall" is designed for 80 people, equipped with the system "climate control" and a bar. Private access to Theatre Square makes it especially suitable for formal occasions.

     Hall multifunctional: there are musical instruments, stylish design and can easily be transformed for any specific task: organizing a banquet, conference, presentation buffet, a fashion show (there is avant-Scene), negotiation, the possibility of holding seminars, trainings, business meetings.


    Reservations: by fax or by phone.

     Overnight: from 14:00 to 12:00 of the first day of the next.

    It offers the following free services:

- Secure parking
- Luggage
- Service "Alarm Clock"
- Mail delivery
- WiFi internet
- The organization of cultural activities: order and delivery of tickets to city theaters
- Taxi

The hotel also offers additional services such as:

- Room service (from 7:00 - 24:00)
- dry cleaning
- Wash
- Ironing
- Minor repairs of clothing
- Sending a fax
- Meeting and accompaniment to the airport
- Organization of sightseeing tours around the city


    The hotel "Mozart", Odessa - a place where you will feel the comfort of home and the real concern. Feel Odessa hospitality in the walls of our hotel!