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"Nemo" Hotel. Pleasant neighborhood with dolphins.

Meeting in March his friends from abroad, I tried to find some kind of a special place, which would might like alien, both in price and quality of services offered. In addition, I like to see the place was close to the center and the main attractions of Odessa - the sea. Having considered numerous variations, stopped at the hotel "Nemo", which is located right on the beach "Langeron". The hotel belongs to the cultural and recreation complex "Nemo" and is the only hotel in Europe with dolphins. At the entrance, guests immediately get to the reception, as the lobby is virtually non-existent. In the hotel - five floors, and a restaurant located on the top.

Friends chose the junior suite cost $ 150. (In high season, from June 1 to September 1, the cost is $ 200). Nice modern interior room with white leather sofa and a jacuzzi right in the living room offers a romantic and pleasant pastime.

However, large windows extending around the perimeter of the living room, go straight to the construction site of the new building of the hotel. The sea can be seen only from the side. Moreover, settling in at around midnight due to a late flight, my friends had to work without food - the restaurant is only open until 8 pm, and the bar was only mineral water, nuts and chips. And even a cheese sandwich or a slice of bread they did not manage to get. By the way, breakfast is not included in the room rate. One consolation is that the cook in the restaurant is quite good, and the food can be ordered in the room. Here is a variety in Odessa and European cuisine, and also has a sushi menu.

Plenty after watching the construction site, the next day friends changed room on the Presidential Suite, which had to pay for $ 100, just turned 250. (In the period from June 1 worth $ 300 September 1 number). But spending worth it. The windows overlook directly on the sea, and sitting in a comfortable chair, it seems that you are on the deck of a luxury liner. However, in-room safe was broken, in the hot tub did not work the radio and lights, but the view of the sea, which is visible from all sides, is more than compensated all costs.

Maybe in the summer it will be possible pochuvstovovat the charm of staying in the "Nemo", because there will work and outdoor area with pool, and a restaurant can serve you even at night, and maybe even a hot tub will work as they should.

It is encouraging also that in any season and the high and low, customers are "Nemo" hotel are entitled to free admission to the aquarium and dolphinarium.

To reach the hotel it is best to take a taxi or you can get to the park Shevchenko and walk down to the sea.

In general, for all its charms and flaws "Nemo" has earned a solid eight out of ten points.