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Grand Marine
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Ukrainian health and beauty spa GrandMarine hotel is located fifteen kilometers from the center of Odessa, on the Black Sea, in the resort area of Sauvignon. There are all conditions allowing to combine a comfortable, civilized vacation and effective wellness program. All treatments offered vSPA Hotel «GrandMarine», aimed at cleansing, healing and rejuvenation of the body. Individually they are assigned employees of the Center Reconstructive and Aesthetic Medicine.

    Hotel Grand Marine Odessa confidently positions itself as a modern mnogoprofilnyylechebno recreation complex in Odessa, where the maturity can be exchanged for youth. This is a promising and seductive statement is one hundred percent true: As used herein, the exclusive health programs of the Center for Restorative and Aesthetic Medicine converted SPA-hotel «GrandMarine» in a unique health and fitness center.

     Guaranteed silence, clean air, the European level of the hotel, protected area, park, equipped with its own beach, a restaurant (with diet and balanced nutrition) - all this makes the rest of «GrandMarine» pleasant and comfortable.

     Here, everything is left to chance: High-quality, low-key luxury (marble steps, wooden furniture, expensive decoration materials) creates a sense of stability; pastel colors dominating the interior, calming effect and immerse guests in a relaxed and peaceful state.

     In the medical-wellness SPA-hotel «GrandMarine» at any time of the year in any weather kazhdyynaydet something for everyone. On territoriiSPA hotel has a magnificent winter garden, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, gym, beauty salon, solarium, billiards and, of course, well-room with mineral water.

     In the park area, which surrounds the Spa-Hotel, is also quite noteworthy places holidaymakers. Small wooden gazebo located under tall blue spruce, ideal for day and evening entertainment.

     The territory of the SPA-hotel «GrandMarine» most friendly environment for recreation. First of all, a spacious equipped beach on the coast - it is a five minute walk away. The perfect alternative to it - a 25-meter mineral water pool and outdoor swimming pool area of 500 square meters. m, decorated with a fountain. There is also another smaller pool - it is designed for children. Comfortable lounge chairs and sun umbrellas allow travelers to relax in the summer heat and enjoy the stay in this contemporary treatment complex Odessa.

      SPA-hotel «GrandMarine» - the only health and fitness complex in Odesskoyoblasti on the Black Sea, where you can relax with your family. Especially for children it is equipped with a children's room. Parents do not have to worry about the kids - they will look for a professional nurse. Depending on the category, spacious rooms and SPA-hotel, in addition to single and double beds, there are folding sofas, as well as a small kitchen bar, which allows you to prepare a light breakfast or dinner.

     Favorite place, especially in winter, of course, will be a luxurious winter garden - it collected exotic plants from around the world, there is a decorative pond, a fountain with goldfish. In the same wonderful garden, in the bar, travelers are served for tasting dozens of varieties of tea, oxygen cocktails and elite drinks.

     Lately, especially popular corporate holiday, suggesting the organization of press conferences, workshops and trainings. For this category of visitors in the SPA-hotel «GrandMarine» is equipped with a meeting room, a conference room for 100 people. As required, it can convert into a cinema or concert hall.

      SPA-hotel «GrandMarine» - this is the most modern and comfortable spa-health complex in the Odessa region. As used herein, innovative medical technologies make «GrandMarine» unique resort, kotoromunet counterparts in the south of Ukraine!

     Therapeutic recreation SPA-hotel «Grand Marine» - Be Healthy!