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Interesting science museum
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Interesting science museum in Odessa is located on Shevchenko avenue, in front of the Polytechnic University.

It's exciting, fun, interesting, and most importantly - informative and helpful to spend time and learn a lot from the world of science will help you "interesting museum of science."

"Museum of interesting science" - is the first in the south of Ukraine scientific and entertaining interactive museum where collected many unique exhibits from the world of science, each of which can rightly be called magical, and they will surely surprise you. Here you can in a new way and look with great interest to what you previously looked boring or difficult to learn.

If other museums, to the valuable exhibits can not even touch, that we not only can, but be sure to touch everything, check, feel and see how miracles are born directly in your hands. Both children and adults will be happy to carry out interesting experiments and unusual experiences in the walls of the "Museum of exciting science."

The main task of the museum - is to show pupils and students the most interesting and wonderful from the world of science, encourage them to acquire knowledge in their daily studies. We will assure you that even the most complex tasks and the longest of the formula can be exciting, it is worth to them, only to see the other side.

"When the day before read the reviews of people who have spent 5 hours there, I was surprised, but it turns out this is not the limit - we last stayed there for more than 5 hours and did not want to leave."

Interesting science museum aims to educate adults and children subjects of a natural cycle: physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, mathematics and many other branches of knowledge, which successfully contribute to:

 - Laboratory, where regular electric show, show illusions, as well as our unique show "Puzyriologiya";

- Planetarium, where every hour pass sessions of cognitive science about space movies;

- Lectures, where we regularly hold meetings debating club evenings with interesting people, lectures on various topics of science, art, psychology, and philosophy, as well as scientific screenings;

- Quests that we organize your holiday in a playful way to help the guests to test and improve your knowledge and have fun.

Touch the lightning or create a real cloud, collect footbridge without nails and brackets, observe the interesting optical illusions and listen to the amazing acoustic effects - all this and much more you will be able to carry out only at the Museum of interesting science.

The "Museum of exciting science," You will be able to spend time both independently and in soprovozhdeniiekskursovodov who are happy to help you cope with any challenge and tell the most interesting scientific facts.

In addition to the rich museum exposition, we employ a cozy cafe, where visitors can always relax and have a snack after an active fascinating research, and a small shop where you can buy informative books, interesting intellectual games and unusual souvenirs.

"Museum of interesting science" - is a place where children and adults will have fun and fun to dive into the fascinating and fascinating world of science. A place where no positive emotions, good mood and quality of knowledge no one goes!

"The museum is required to visit the children from 3 to 93h"