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Rating: 8.8
Гость 27-04-2011, 12:32
очень вкусно! приятная атмосфера и отличные цены!
Гость 11-02-2011, 21:26
лучший ресторан в одессе, безусловно
Гость 15-10-2010, 19:35
обожаю это место, но туда отлично ходить компанией человек 6-10 вдвоем-втроем не так весело, а компанией очхорошо Read more ...
Гость 14-10-2010, 16:23
Великолепный ресторан, шикарный интерьер, обслуживаие и гостеприимство, гастрономический праздник
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Restaurant "Mimino in Odessa"

Special spring offers Georgian cuisine restaurant Mimino in Odessa:

Phone: 067 483-88-04

 1. Delivery for orders of the house - on the house.

 2. Business lunches - on weekdays from 12 to 16 minute 20% discount!

 3. When ordering dishes salmon, turbot, sturgeon on the grill - glass of white wine as a gift!

 4. Breakfast at the Mimino restaurant - fried in the range of 30-35 USD! Pancakes with a choice of honey, jam or sour cream - 30 UAH!

 We are waiting for you in the restaurant Mimino in Odessa on the street Zhukovsky, the angle rope, phone 0482 33-25-09!

 Style, kitchen, service - this is one big family, which is ready to offer you all the fun 33.
Hospitality, excellent cuisine, a high level of service and smiles Odessa. Constantly updated restaurant menus, and a decent selection of Georgian wines, and not only.
 A variety of events held in the restaurant will not leave anyone indifferent.
The interior of the restaurant "Mimino in Odessa" will feel like a guest in old Tbilisi courtyards, handmade stained glass, lights with wrought iron elements, colored glass, like pieces of sunny Georgia.
Daggers, wine horn, national pottery to leather straps, wall hangings - all present and surprisingly interesting.
Cooked on the grill skewers allow travel back to the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains in the shadow of the mighty cypresses. As a bunch of grapes ripening in the sun, so our restaurant is opened to all our guests.
 Restaurant "Mimino in Odessa" - is an ideal place for a pleasant stay.
 For a large and noisy group in the restaurant has a separate VIP- room. For business meetings there is a small VIP-hall, where you will be able to discuss issues in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
Lounge with a fireplace suitable for a romantic dinner, here you can stay in a booth or on a soft sofa couch. Hall with a gazebo is a great place for a family celebration.
 On a hot day you can experience an oasis of coolness on our summer plaschadka.
 You do not want to leave this tale told by Georgian music motif, charming "flight attendants" with the Odessa humor and wine, warming the soul.
I do not want to leave these luxurious apartments of natural stone and wood. Here it is - a real, genuine, precious and eternal!

In Georgia, the cult of food, as well as the cult of the guest was, is and always will be.

The main thing in the Georgian feast - is abundant and delicious food, fine wine and soulful lyrics.

Our chefs make suluguni according to old family recipes. They prepare basturma, tkemali, adjika.

And when you eat pickles, prepared by our skilled craftsmen, you can not stop.

All meat dishes are cooked on the grill according to old recipes of the Caucasian - Sameba, leg of lamb, which is cooked with herbs, signature dish - a shish kebab "Iberia", Georgian beautiful, appetizing, aroma and extremely tasty.

Kubdari Svanetti (cake made of lamb fillet), preparing the same as in Adjara and Svaneti mountains, khachapuri: Imeritinskaya, Ajarian and puff, shotipuri (Georgian bread), so like the inhabitants of Odessa, leaving that they often order their takeaway.

 A Georgian sladosti- a special conversation Tkvili Tskhovreba (pears in chocolate syrup with young Georgian secrets), Caucasian baklava, churchkhela (walnuts in grape syrup), and more ...

What is cooked in our restaurant unique to see this come to the restaurant "Mimino in Odessa."
"Mimino in Odessa" - it is a fabulously delicious and amazingly beautiful!

 Our address: ul. Zhukovsky, angle funicular

Phone: +38 (0482) 33-25-09

Caucasian hospitality at your service!