Карпаты Киев


Rating: 9.0
Гость 12-10-2010, 16:16
классный мини-отель, прямо из окна море - рукой дотянешься, выйдешь, на пляже ляжешь, обалденно
Гость 11-10-2010, 20:48
отличное место в самого моря, пляж, ресторан, тишина, покой, природа
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Recreation complex "Katran" is located on the shores of the Black Sea. The complex includes a private hotel with seven luxury rooms and a restaurant. For the convenience of customers in the "Katran" complex has secure packing for machines.

The rooms are single, double and three-bed consists of a bedroom and living room, equipped with air conditioning, TV, refrigerator with mini-bar, telephone. Each room comes with an additional full seat for a child or an adult.

In summer the restaurant has an open deck on board the frigate "Katran" and two open areas where you can admire not only the sea surf, and inhale the fragrance of the sea unforgettable.

Address: lane. Lighthouse, 13

Tel .: (048) 746-81-56, 746-81-59, 746-81-55, 771-81-20

Website: www.katran-club.com.ua

You are welcome to visit, with Odessa's hospitality!