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шикарное заведение в тихом уголке прямо у моря, где можно заказать свежевыловленную рыбу, поужинать в отличном интерьере Read more ...
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"Katran" leisure complex is located on the shores of the "Black Sea". The complex includes a private hotel with seven rooms and a restaurant.


The unique location attracts lovers of exotic and privacy. The cozy rooms of the restaurant chefs offer prfessionaly enjoy the freshest Black Sea fish, which is delivered daily launches a fishing pier located in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant.


Sitting at the tables in the halls or on the deck visitors can observe rare in Odessa today painting - how to approach the shore barges loaded with the Black Sea fish.


Restaurant "Katran" offers a large selection of all kinds of seafood, marine and oceanic delicacies. A wide selection of prepared meals over an open fire. The kitchen is provided in the restaurant is so diverse that it is often not immediately possible to determine the choice of dishes, which I would like to try.


Therefore, customers who once visited the "Katran" returned again and again to sample something new and unusual.


For lovers of seafood presented dishes designed for 2 persons, such as for example:


"Fish Fantasy"

"Exotic flavors"

"Mosaic of seafood"

"Assorted 4 seas Nautilus"

"Pirate's Dinner"

"Gifts of Poseidon"


Along with SEAFOOD well presented dishes Odessa, European, Asian, Italian and French cuisine.


Experts banquet service will help in organizing and conducting any kind of event, whether it be a gala evening or a private dinner.


The restaurant has two private rooms. One room has a fireplace - even here in any weather, you can spend a beautiful evening to the sound of crackling logs, looking out the window at the raging sea. This room can accommodate 30-35 people. The second room can take 40-45 people. It is also possible to enjoy the sea view ...


For lovers of private meetings, there are three VIP rooms, where for a modest rental payment you will not be disturbed.

In summer the restaurant has an open deck on board the frigate "Katran" and two open areas where you can admire not only the sea surf, and inhale the fragrance of the sea unforgettable.


For the convenience of customers in the complex "Katran" is a hotel with luxury rooms.

There is a secure packing for machines.


Address: lane. Lighthouse, 13

Tel .: (048) 746-81-56, 746-81-59, 746-81-55, 771-80-10


We are waiting for you with all Odessa gosteprimstvom!