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Taxi service "Joker" in Odessa offers passengers moderate rates and a wide range of services. Cars taxi Joker allows the customer to choose exactly what he needs.

Taxi Joker in Odessa services:

Passenger transportation
Service weddings, celebrations
Service "Incognito"
Courier services
Transport service entities
Long distance and international transportation
Large selection of buses (70 seats)
Large selection of vans (7 seats)
Freight transport

Service "Incognito":
What makes a taxi of all other vehicles traveling on the roads of our city? Of course, this is the familiar "checkered" and lampshades taxi nak called "beacons." But there are situations where advertise their travel by taxi undesirable - in such cases, you will gain our service "incognito", which provides for the granting your request car unmarked taxi.

Exclusive offer! 
Minibus Mercedes Sprinter 8 seats in the VIP-lounge: a huge plasma TV, spinning seats, a table for each passenger, "starry sky", air conditioning.

A trip with a taxi Joker in Odessa - it's fun!