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Гость 16-10-2010, 18:54
тайский ресторан, очень оригинальное место и кухня
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In Sanskrit "Devarana" means "garden in heaven." Visit our restaurant, introduction to traditional Thai cuisine will be a fascinating culinary journey to Thailand for you in a tropical paradise garden.
Devarana - Royal Thai Restaurant, which offers traditional Thai cuisine with an excellent selection of dishes.
The restaurant's interior is designed in classic traditional style of Thailand and received the award "Golden Arch" in 2007 in the competition of architectural and design implementations.
We offer unique Thai food with a diverse set of spices and herbs.
Our staff, excellence professionals and experienced Thai chef master all the secrets of the traditional classic Thai cuisine. During cooking uses top quality products, exotic ingredients.
The restaurant is also well represented European author's cuisine with a distinct elegance and originality of submission.
On peculiarities of Thai food ...
Most of our dishes, creating a harmony of taste, color and content to convey five basic tastes: they both bitter, salty, sweet, sour and spicy.
This delicate balance is achieved by blending herbs and spices our Thai experts, so you can enjoy the exquisite taste of our dishes.
Traditional Thai meal consists of a set of the following dishes: curry, soup, salad, main dishes with special sauces, vegetables and desserts, which are served along with boiled jasmine and brown rice.
In Thai culture, most of the dishes are divided among the guests, allowing everyone to try a variety of dishes, and creates the atmospheric environment friendly guests.
Thai cuisine is famous for its sharpness and spiciness. But at the same time we make sure that your enjoyment of the rich Thai cuisine has passed without the "fire." Please let our attentive staff, what level of sharpness you prefer.
We will be happy to organize all kinds of corporate events, birthdays, family celebrations, reception in our restaurant. The restaurant has 48 seats.
Our address: Odessa, st. Shady 9/12

Phone: +38 (048) 718-18-18

Hours: 10:00 to 24:00
Visit our page SPA-salon at www.devarana.com.ua