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Odessa circus
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Circus - an integral part of our childhood. Elegant, with lush bows, we entered into a world where dimness replaced by a spotlight, where the band plays a flourish, and at the arena appear jugglers with flaming maces and rings, mysterious magicians, without pity sawing their pretty assistants, fragile air gymnasts, soaring under the dome , courageous trainers, and, of course, red clown in giant boots, forcing hall to shake with laughter ...

The opening of the circus took place January 25, 1894 the highly publicized tour of the circus troupe Ferroni brothers.

Our circus called "iron" because its frame is made of metal made in Germany, the composition of which is unknown, but it does not rust and can not be welded. The singularity of the Odessa circus is that the distance from the arena to the dome is 22 meters, while the standard - 18 meters. And most importantly, what can be proud of Odessans - our oldest circus not only in CIS, but also in the world. Because stationary circuses anywhere except Russia and China did not build.

Today Odessa Circus is the oldest circus in the world. The building has been completely renovated arena with modern materials, open and successfully operates a unique of its kind high school, which prepares professional artists. The architecture and interior decoration of beauty in no way inferior to the circus before the revolution. The repertoire, with programs often serve foreign circus troupe, performing at the highest dome of the existing stationary circuses (22 meters). Artists circus act of visiting touring programs. Anyone can book a ticket in advance and find out the schedule of circus performances, visiting the official site of the circus. Children under 5 years can pass to the circus for free with their parents, provided one child per adult.

Circus Address: Ukraine, Odessa Koblevskaya (Podbelskogo), 25, tel. box office: (048) 726-90-90

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