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Mustang horse club
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Equestrian Club "Mustang" - Equestrian Club and the company of people who are keen one common thing - a love of horses.

Horse Club Mustang Dyukovsky surrounded by a park that can be considered "Mustang" as an environmentally attractive territory. One of the advantages of the club is its location in the city of Odessa, beautiful nature, fresh air, great park array, a small pond - and all this in the city next to a large transport interchange. Near the park there are cafes, mangalnye site.

Experienced instructors Equestrian Club "Mustang" will teach you to keep himself in the saddle, in compliance with all safety regulations, patiently and kindly, with a personal touch.

The club has about 16 head of Orel, kaladrubskoy, Friesian and other breeds. The "Mustang" You can choose a horse for everyone. For young children, we can offer lessons on a pony.

Our services:

Horse riding lessons.

Teaching children to ride.

Individual horse riding.

landing correction.

The training program "saddle".

The training program "from scratch."

What to bring to the stables?

In the first place, then what you will go

In the first training session or horse riding is not necessary to buy special clothes for riding. It is possible to do the usual sports. For example:

1. Tight Leggings, Legency, breeches or sweat pants made of soft fabric, not fetter movements, without rigid internal seams. It is not recommended to wear jeans.
2. It is desirable skinny sweater or T-shirt - it will help the instructor to correct your posture.
3. Shoes should be comfortable on a small heel (2-5 cm).
4. Finally, the underwear. It is advisable to choose a comfortable seamless underwear made from natural fabrics.


Recording phone + 38093-574-666-4

Location: Odessa, Dyukovsky park Raskidaylovskaya 68

Website: parkservice.com.ua

VC: vk.com/mustangodessa